Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Saving Gaby's. Day 3. The Play's The Thing!

Well I've finished it. The play, I mean.
After a fashion, that is.
It's still in a raw state...
Very raw.
In fact raw is a good word.
Raw, like the huge carrot being offered to the City Council by the Developers...
Or raw like a piece of silk
Used for making purses. The kind impossible to turn our Developer's mind into.

So I've done my bit. Over to you, the actors. Make it come alive, please, and show our Developer friends, [how much do you think they have in their current account? Go on, hazard a guess?] that there are more things in heaven and earth... that matter.
Other things, things that will live longer than any of them. Oh, and while you're at it, please note, I'm using square brackets...just like a proper playwright.

On another note
you can bank on it that writing even a short play is as hard a business as writing a novel. Added to which the formatting was a nightmare [why did no one tell me? I didn't ask, I suppose.] I wonder how my editor will feel about me using square brackets in future?
Also, writing dialogue focuses the mind on the fact that less is, nearly always, more.
Dear Developers, Sweet Westminster City Council, if you ever read
this blog,
you might like to ponder on the meaning of less versus more. Hmm...difficult concept, I know.

[Pause. I notice Pinter uses lots of these.]

ACT 1. SCENE 2: [Pause]

Anyway, Dear Developers and lovely City Councillors, do come along,
for a laugh,
on the night,
to watch our play. Oh go on! It's free, rather pleasingly. And in any case,
I'm dying to see
just what A-Lack-Of-Imagination looks like.

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